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CYCLE SAGE Group Program

A complete Emotional and Physiological Support Program to live in Ally-ship with your Cycle.

  • Started Nov 7
  • 425 Canadian dollars
  • Sideroad 33 & 34 Nottawasaga

Service Description

Small Group, In-Person, 7 sessions This is a full spectrum Program to educate and support you in the emotional and physiological nature of the menstrual cycle so you can live in ally-ship with your natural rhythms. This SMALL GROUP Program is for: - those who are wanting to learn more about their body and menstrual cycle - those who want to explore the changing nature of their energies and moods throughout the cycle - those looking to feel at home in their feminine nature and skin - those looking to understand their changing hormones - those looking to support their menstrual health - those looking for an individualized sense of what their cycle is trying to communicate to them - those looking to look deeper at their PMS symptoms, period pain, inner critic or other period/cyclee struggles - those who are looking to support their place in the cycle (fertile years, perimenopausal years, coming off birth control, preparing for conception, postpartum) PROGRAM DETAILS Session 1: Tuesday Sept 7th, 7-9pm  - What is Menstrual Cycle Awareness?  - Living Cyclically in a Linear World - 2 vias, and 4 Inner Seasons Container - Menarche Love Session 2: Tuesday, Sept 14th, 7-9PM - Exploring the Inner Winter (energies, medicines, challenges, self care) - Exploring the Inner Spring (energies, medicines, challenges, self care) - Exploring the Inner Summer (energies, medicines, challenges, self care) Session 3: Tuesday, Sept 21st, 7-9PM - Exploring the Inner Autumn (energies, self care) - Befriending the Inner Critic - Observing, Using & Integrating your new language Session 4: Tuesday, Sept 28th, 7-9PM - Body Literacy 101 - The physiological education you likely never received.  - What is Fertility Awareness and how does it work for you? - Using the Menstrual Cycle as the 5th Vital Sign Session 5: Tuesday Dec 5th, 7-9PM - Cervical Mucus 101 - BBT 101 - Cervical Positioning 101 Session 6: Tuesday Dec 12th, 7-9PM - General FAM Charting and collecting data on your menstrual health - Healthy/Optimal Cycle Parameters  - Foundational Factors for supporting Menstrual Health Session 7: Tuesday Dec 19, 7-9PM - Exploring Cycle Challenges - Investigating PMS & Period Pain - Bringing it all together  Also included in the Program:  Cycle Clarity Manual full of resources  Inner Season bookmarks Supportive Resource Library to browse * Please reach out of you would rather transfer or pay cash instead of PayPal

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Contact Details

  • 7616 Sideroad 33 & 34 Nottawasaga, Nottawa, ON, Canada

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