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Pretty River Red Tent's Cycle Affirmation Cards are a wonderful way to incorperate positive ritual and mindfulness into one's Menstrual Cycle Awareness practice. These are specifically directed at a new cycler, or young woman. I is also a wonderful gift to celebrate a first bleed/ Menarche. They can also be a tool to create a positive experience for a young woman starting puberty. 

Cycle Affirmation Cards (For Young Womb Havers)

    • 5 double sided cards with powerful positive affirmations on each side (10 affirmations total)
    • on a ring for easy use
  • At Pretty River Red Tent we do everything by hand, including shipping! If you live in the area, we'll drop it off, otherwise we send it through Canada Post. You'll get an email with your Canada Post info when we ship it.


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