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I am a proud maximalist (opposite of minimalist), abundant hobby collector, artist, life-long learner and deep feeling woman who is passionate about Menstrual Cycle Awareness, Fertility Education and Body Literacy. I am a teacher (BEd), trained Menstruality Mentor with Red School, and a certified FAMM (Fertility Awareness Mastery Mentorship) Practitioner. 


I’m also an unschooling Momma of 3 incredible daughters aged 10, 12 and 14, and married to my soulmate who I met when I was 16. After the birth of 

I'm Nikki Zavitz.

The heart and soul behind Pretty River Red Tent. 

our 3rd daughter, I listened to the whispers of many mother elders who told me, “It goes by so fast, don’t take it for granted”, so I decided to leave my teaching job of 10 years to BE WITH and BE RAISED by my kids and appreciate the river of abundance I was standing in. 

At 35, I was done having and breastfeeding babies, and finally cycling naturally for the first time since I was 16. My 10 years of hormonal birth control use made glaringly clear the pivotal gaps in knowledge of my menstruality and inner workings of my female cycling body. 

How could an educated, determined, conscious woman like myself be completely disconnected from my natural cycles at 35? I was not alone. I dove in and committed to Menstrual Cycle Awareness and Fertility studies and I craved others to speak this language with. I craved a Red Tent. Through my work, and my continual thirst to deepen my relationship with my cycle, I would come to learn that this lack of awareness was a common story among the women in my life, and spanned far and wide. 


Every. Single. Woman. that I shared Menstrual Cycle Awareness with, said the Exact. Same. Thing…

PRRT 2023 branding board -6_edited.png

“Why did I not know this? Why was I not taught this when I was a young?” 

This rang in my ears as deep wisdom that would again fuel my fire to change this story. My daughters would not grow up with a disconnection to their bodies, their spirits, their menstruality. And I too, and so many women, deserve the individualized support, care and education that will sanction wherever she may be on the spectrum of Menstruality. It is never too late. 

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PRRT 2023 branding board -6_edited.png
PRRT 2023 branding board -6_edited.png

I am so incredibly proud to offer full-spectrum, small group and individualised programs to women and girls anywhere on their Menstruality Journey. My paradigm is a balanced approach of appreciating the menstrual cycle as a compass for emotional, spiritual, and physiological health and well being. I use Menstrual Cycle Awareness as the container, Body Literacy as the avenues, Fertility Education as the archetype, and our time together as the lantern.  


What is Menstrual Cycle Awareness?

Menstruality is the active, evolving life process from Menarche (first bleed) to Menopause (one year after periods have stopped) that can be explored through Menstrual Cycle Awareness. When we pay attention to our subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) shifts in energy, mood, spirit and needs as we move through the cycle, we can tap into an inner alchemy that is individual to our life experience. This uncovers strengths and vulnerabilities that we can navigate with awareness and empowerment to better our quality of life. It’s paying attention, valuing, and coming into relationship with these cyclical rhythms that act as maintenance and support to the nervous system. 


What is Body Literacy?

Our bodies are communicating with us constantly, and for women, the menstrual cycle is a vital sign reporting to us our menstrual health. Body Literacy is the ability to understand and read the language of the body, through education, the lived experience of paying attention, understanding the physiological workings of your cycle, and evolving with that knowledge to suit your individual needs. 


What is Fertility Education? 

Fertility Education is an umbrella term for observing, collecting and charting our personal data in a systematic way through anecdotes and biomarkers of our Menstrual Cycle. We can practise Fertility Awareness and educate ourselves on many levels depending on our goals and phase of Menstruality. Fertility education can consist of basic physiology and fertile signs of a healthy menstrual cycle, preparing the body for a healthy pregnancy, and/or learning an actual Fertility Awareness Method that is systematic, evidence-based, and effective in conceiving and avoiding, as well as maintaining general menstrual health. Fertility education is relevant to anyone cycling because optimal fertility also means optimal menstrual health, which is what we all are striving for. 

PRRT 2023 branding board -6_edited.png
PRRT 2023 branding board -6_edited.png
PRRT 2023 branding board -6_edited.png
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