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1:1 Support

how to work 1 : 1 with me


Cycle Clarity Program

A private 3 - 4 month in-depth Program that supports you through
3 full menstrual cycles
with individualized Menstrual Health Education and Support
using Menstrual Cycle,
Fertility Awareness and Body Literacy foundations.
A great option for someone looking for continued support at a great cost

Cycle Support Session

Book 60 minute Cycle Support Sessions as needed with no need to commit to a full program. 
Jump straight into symptoms, cycle issues, and ways in which I can support you. 
This is a great option for those with MCA and Tracking experience or if you are not wanting to commit and can add sessions as needed. 

Are you wanting...

Natural ways to restore, improve and support your overall menstrual health

Knowledge and self awareness of your menstrual cycle, fertility biomarkers, body literacy and natural Inner Seasonal rhythms

Individualised, real-time charting data and a FAMM Practitioner’s observations to be able to advocate for more individualised health care

Clarity on your cycle as a vital sign of health and accountability with an Action Plan to address root causes of menstrual struggle


To conceive naturally, learn to identify your fertile window and prepare your body for a future pregnancy

To learn to chart and track your cycle using a specific method (Sympto-Thermal Method, OR Sympto-Hormonal Method)

To avoid pregnancy naturally, and interpret your biomarkers confidently without the use of hormonal contraceptives

Are you experiencing...

Long, short, irregular OR regular cycle

Menstrual Cycle Pain

PMS or Perimenopausal symptoms

Irregular Cycles 

Cycle Challenges like PCOS, or PMDD

A desire to come off hormonal birth control

A curiosity of what is going on with your cycle

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give you the opportunity to become an expert of your own Menstruality 

help you gain valuable insight into your Menstrual Health 

have you wondering how you lived without this knowledge

provide curated access to a Certified FAMM Practitioner + Trained Menstrual Cycle Awareness Mentor who will be your ally in reaching your Menstrual Health goals. 

inspire you to see your menstrual health as a vital sign and compass for informed decisions and menstrual care

Working 1:1 with Nikki will...

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2023 Website images for Programs + offerings -15_edited.jpg

Cycle Clarity Program details:

3-4 Month Commitment

  • 6-8 (60-90 minute) 1:1 private sessions (either in person or on Zoom)

  • 3 full menstrual cycles of support (or 4 months) 

  • Cycle Clarity Kit sent to your door (includes handouts, infographics, charting supplies curated to your specific needs)

  • Comprehensive client intake and menstrual health history overview

  • Personalised Menstrual Health assessment 

  • Special individual considerations, chart reviews, and chart interpretations

  • Digital downloads from each consultation

  • Weekday support through Whatsapp, Signal or Telegram to send questions, voice notes, pictures

  • Cycle Clarity Action Plan

  • Access to Cycle Sense (Menstrual Cycle Awareness Introductory digital course)

  • Access to Fertility Sense (Fertility Awareness Introductory digital course)

  • Returning client rate for any additional sessions after the program. 


Full payment




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3 payments

$ 241


Cycle Clarity single sessions:

as needed basis/ no commitment

  • 60 minute session via Zoom or in person

  • digging right into your personal cycle experiences exploring any questions, concerns or goals you may have in your Menstrual Health, birth control needs, conception needs, Perimenopause support needs or Menstrual Cycle Education. 

  • the option to book as many session as you need, with no commitment 

  • Cycle Clarity handouts, resources and supports pertaining to your Session will be shared via email.  


per session



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I am so happy that I seized the opportunity to work 1:1 with Nikki on her
Cycle Clarity program.  As someone who had been struggling with apparent infertility for many years, I entered this course with little-to-no expectations –  I realize now that I had subconsciously accepted that it would never happen for me.  From the very first session,
I immediately sensed that Nikki was invested in me. She listened to, validated, and treated with compassion every obsessive detail of my journey. She respected and worked within my boundaries with no hesitation or judgement. With Nikki’s gentle and delicate guidance, I discovered that some of the assumptions I had about my situation were likely untrue, and I now have different avenues to explore! Most importantly, I learned
to listen to and interpret what my body had been telling me all along. It feels like I was let in on a huge, valuable secret that should be common knowledge – and it is Nikki’s goal to make it known. There is no question that Nikki is doing what she was created to do. I would recommend this program for absolutely any woman, no matter where she is at in her journey, to discover and work with the beautiful, awesome logic of her body.
My hope has been fanned into flame again. Thank you, Nikki!

~ Becca Groves

Alexa Young, CA

2023 Website images for Programs + offerings -15.png

Want to chat to see if we are a good fit? 

This is an opportunity for you to tell me a little about yourself,
to ask questions about what I do, and to find more information about if the
CYCLE CLARITY PROGRAM is right for you, and if we are a good fit.


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7616 33/34 Sideroad Nottawa
Ontario, Canada
(705) 446-6310

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