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Cycle Clarity
Fertility Awareness Program

A 1:1, four month, in-depth educational program for the Sympto-Thermal Fertility Awareness Method

This program is a private 1:1, in-depth, supportive and educational partnership that takes place over a 4 month period (or 3 full menstrual cycles) either in person or over zoom. As part of my practicum training, I am temporarily providing this service for a fraction of the usual cost.

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This program is suited for women who are ...

  • More knowledge of their menstrual cycle, fertility biomarkers, or more in depth body literacy 

  • More self knowledge and data to be able to advocate for themselves for more individualized health care 


  • Long or short cycles

  • Menstrual cycle pain and PMS symptoms

  • Irregular menstrual cycles

  • Suppressed reproductive health (including those who have recently come off hormonal contraceptives) 


  • To conceive naturally

  • To avoid pregnancy naturally 

  • To learn to chart and track their menstrual cycles using the sympto-thermal method or sympto-hormonal method

  • For natural ways to restore their natural menstrual cycles


Program Details

7 Private Consultations

  • Over a 4 month period (at least 3 full menstural cycles)

  • Client intake/review health history 

  • Personalized health assessment & action plan 

  • Charting rules, and special charting considerations 

  • Personalized chart review/questions 


Fertility Awareness Method charting basics: 

  • Cervical mucus

  • Basal body temperature (BBT)

  • Cervical position charting


Weekday Support

  • Unlimited Voxer or Whats-app communication



  • Mailed: Justisse User Guide, infographics, blank charts, charting supplies

  • Digital: Downloadable handouts to support and individualized needs each session

Bonus Access

  • Access to Fertility Sense - Introductory Online Course (7 videos) 

An 8th private consultation (60 min)

  • Check in after 3 cycles are completed for questions, additional review if needed.

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Program Breakdown

  • Session 1 | 90 Minutes

    • Meet & Greet- Intake & body literacy intro

  • Session 2 | 90 Minutes

    • Cervical mucus observations and charting, basal body temperature, cervical positioning

  • Session 3 | 90 Minutes

    • Sympto-Thermal Method rules, special charting considerations, cross check rule

Month 1

  • Session 4 | 60 Minutes

    • Managing the fertile window, special considerations, Fertility Awareness learning curve, chart reviews

  • Session 5 | 60 Minutes

    • Preovulation rules, conceiving or avoiding pregnancy with FA, chart reviews, addressing individual symptoms and patterns

Month 2

  • Session 6 | 60 Minutes

    • Reviewing skills that need more attention, chart reviews, personalized action plan building

  • Session 7 | 60 Minutes

    • Chart reviews, Phase 2 and 3 of the Fertility Awareness learning curve, resources, action plan

Month 3:

  • Session 8 | 60 Minute Check-In

    • Review anything needed, questions

Month 4:

Payment Cost & Options

As part of my practicum training, I am temporarily providing this service for a fraction of the usual cost.

Single Payment


3 Monthly Payments


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