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Cycle Clarity
Fertility Awareness
1:1 Program

A 1:1, four month, in-depth educational program for the Sympto-Thermal Fertility Awareness Method

This program is a private 1:1, in-depth, supportive and educational partnership that takes place over a 4 month period (or 3 full menstrual cycles) either in person or over zoom. 

Learn to observe your fertility biomarkers, chart your cycle, and read your chart, and empower yourself to seek individualized Menstrual Health Support. 

This program is for you whether you are focusing on your overall health, menstrual health, fertility health, postpartum health, or peri-menopausal health. 

This program is suited for women who are ...

  • More knowledge of your menstrual cycle, fertility biomarkers, or more in depth body literacy 

  • More self knowledge and data to be able to advocate for yourself for more individualized health care 

  • An individualized action plan to address the root causes of your Menstrual struggles

  • Personal empowerment in your own Menstrual Health & Fertility Journey



  • Long, short cycles, regular cycles

  • Menstrual cycle pain and PMS symptoms

  • Irregular menstrual cycles, PCOS, or other menstrual challenges 

  • Suppressed reproductive health (due to endocrine issues, or a past of hormonal birth control use) 

  • A curiosity of what is going on with your Menstrual Health, and wanting more information about cycling naturally

  • To conceive naturally

  • To avoid pregnancy naturally 

  • To learn to chart and track your menstrual cycles using the sympto-thermal method or sympto-hormonal method

  • For natural ways to restore your natural menstrual cycles

  • To have an in-depth knowledge and awareness of how your reproductive body works

  • To feel equipped with the skills to read your body's biomarkers  instead of being confused about your cycle. 


Program Details

7 Private Consultations

  • Over a 3-4 month period (at least 3 full menstrual cycles)

  • Client intake/review health history 

  • Personalized health assessment & action plan 

  • Charting rules, and special charting considerations 

  • Personalized chart review/questions 


Fertility Awareness Method charting basics: 

  • Cervical mucus

  • Basal body temperature (BBT)

  • Cervical position charting


Weekday Support

  • Unlimited Whats-app communication



  • Mailed: Justisse User Guide, infographics, blank charts, charting supplies

  • Digital: Downloadable handouts to support and individualized needs each session

Bonus Access

  • Access to Fertility Sense - Introductory Online Course (7 videos) 


Program Breakdown

  • Session 1 | 90 Minutes

    • Meet & Greet- Intake & body literacy intro

  • Session 2 | 90 Minutes

    • Cervical mucus observations and charting, basal body temperature, cervical positioning

  • Session 3 | 90 Minutes

    • Sympto-Thermal Method rules, special charting considerations, cross check rule

Month 1

  • Session 4 | 60 Minutes

    • Managing the fertile window, special considerations, Fertility Awareness learning curve, chart reviews

  • Session 5 | 60 Minutes

    • Pre-ovulation rules, conceiving or avoiding pregnancy with FA, chart reviews, addressing individual symptoms and patterns, considering foundational factors in a healthy Menstrual Cycle

Month 2

  • Session 6 | 60 Minutes

    • Reviewing skills and presenting situations that need more attention, chart reviews, personalized action plan building

  • Session 7 | 60 Minutes

    • Chart reviews, Phase 2 and 3 of the Fertility Awareness learning curve, resources, action plan

Month 3:

Payment Cost & Options

Single Payment

$ 622

3 Monthly Payments

$ 207

Want to chat to see if we are a good fit? 

This is an opportunity for you to tell me a little about yourself,

to ask questions about what I do, and to find more information about if the CYCLE CLARITY Program

is right for you, and if we are a good fit.

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