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The Pretty River Red Tent NEW MOON KIT will support in self care and the practice of Menstrual Cycle Awareness in young women or girls approaching their bleed, or who are already bleeding.  It is a perfect gift for the new cycler in your life.


The journal has been hand printed with a lino print, and also embroidered by hand. It has the symbolic tree with a red thread attached to it representing your journey with menstruality.


The cramp salve can be applied directly onto the left and right lower abdomen, or lower back to help sooth cramps and pain. 


The womb pack can be warmed in the microwave to also sooth the womb. (Material may be different from picture, these are hand sewn and I am always picking new fabrics that catch my eye!)


The affirmation cards are specifically designed to bring calm around feeling towards the cycle.


The symbolic necklace is a small glass jar with a red thread in it to remind of the incredible power of the cycle and how we are all connected by this common thread.  


All items have been hand made with love and care. 


A portion from each Pretty River Red Tent Kit sale goes to My Friends House, a nonprofit shelter for women and children in Collingwood, Ontario Canada. 

NEW MOON KIT (Youth/Newly Bleeding/Pre-Blood)

SKU: 0001
    • A hand printed and embroidered journal to track your cycle and record your feelings
    • A cramp and pain salve made by Bloem Botanicals, a local small batch, wildcrafted herbalism female owned company in Kimberly Ontario.
    • A handmade, rice and lavender womb heat pack
    • Red raspberry leaf tea
    • Positive affirmation cards,
    • A cycle summary card
    • Hand made red thread necklace to serve as a reminder of the incredible power of our cycles
    • Pretty River Red Tent sticker
    • Pintel RSVP pen 
    • Chocolate of course! 
  • At Pretty River Red Tent we do everything by hand, including shipping! If you live in the area, we'll drop it off, or you can pick it up, otherwise we send it through Canada Post. You'll get an email with your Canada Post info when we ship it.

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