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"I sat in Nikki’s Red Tent, listening to her weave reason from my emotions. She smiled and explained in such a warm and compassionate way the how’s and why’s of our entire cycle. I felt a deep sadness for the child in me, the one who struggled to make sense of her shifting self. And for the woman I am, receiving this map as I grow so near to perimenopause. And yet, there was something so profoundly empowering by it all, a recognition of self and my untapped strengths. Leaving the Red Tent under the stars I felt a long awaited release of obligation, a deep allowing to find my own way, and her guidance in doing so. For that I am forever grateful."

- Sarah Tacoma, Owner, Bloem Botanicals

"Attending Nikki's Cycle Sense Workshop was certainly a super profound experience for me.  I wish I had done something like this when I was younger, it would have saved me so much pain and heartache.  I believe her workshops should be mandatory for young girls in middle school/high school.  This would be one of the most empowering lessons we as a society can teach them.  I am so excited to keep learning and can't wait for the 5 week session, count me in.  I feel like this is only the tip of the iceberg!!!

I am grateful to Nikki for spreading this knowledge to our community, she is changing so many lives in the best possible way.  People say that knowledge is power, I believe that knowledge of the self is true freedom.  This knowledge is helping us free ourselves from judgment of ourselves and others, from self inflicted suffering, and so much more!!  Thank you for all of it."

- Venecia Bautista Taveras

"With much gratitude for every circle I've ever attended, I provide the following review:
"I have attended moon circles with Nikki since 2018. They have educated me, warmed my heart, helped me "dig deep" and connect with others more than I could ever have imagined. Before my first circle, I was weary of the idea of a ceremony, however, Nikki has a way of making it feel special, and comfortable that dissolves any fear of vulnerability. She makes you feel safe and able to participate at your own level, while providing structure and engaging activities to guide your journey. The wisdom I've learned about women's hormonal cycles has been invaluable and I am looking forward to passing it down to my daughter. I could not be more thrilled Nikki is opening her gift up to the world."


- Deanna Vickery

"As a woman who no longer bleeds, I feel incredibly supported by every moon circle I attend. Nikki's passion for the subject area is undeniable and contagious, she always leaves me wanting to come back to learn more about my body. I look forward to each and every circle because I know I will receive support and connection from women within my community, as well as a space where I can share whatever is happening in my life. It is simply a moment in time to slow down and reflect. I always leave with a grateful heart." 


- Emily

"I have attended a Cycle Awareness workshop and am currently participating in the Moon Mother-Moon Daughter 5 week session. These opportunities refuel and recharge me. They teach me and help me recenter.They give me such hope for my daughters.

Knowledge is power, and Nikki is offering so much abundance. Nikki has manifested the most beautiful space and vision with the Pretty River Red Tent! 


Our community is so very fortunate to have this space, and this incredible woman that facilitates impactful change and a huge shift in the way we view

menstruation as a society. 


Today, my 12 year old daughter and I started making our own art piece that gives us an opportunity to tune into the wide range of emotions that humans experience. We plan to use it as a family communication tool. Inspired directly by our time with Nikki in the red tent! So much love and gratitude for this idea (Pretty River Red Tent)

taking root and growing!"

- Sara Benjamin

"Nikki's Moon Circles and  Women's Circles are a crucial part of my well-being. They provide a magical space that is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I feel held and supported by her authenticity and knowledge and what it is to be a woman and embrace all darkness and light through my cycle.


What she is doing at the Pretty River Red Tent is such important work and the ripple effect from it are beautiful. Thank you Nikki! "

- Joanna Horning

"Discovering the Pretty River Red Tent answered a deep longing in my heart for community and connection. As I sat in circle I felt safe and acknowledged and in relationship with my fellow women. Having an increased awareness of my cycle has been a game changer for me and having this community to share with is such a gift.

Thank you Nikki for creating and holding such a beautifully tended space. May these vital teachings spread far and wide. I am so grateful for your offerings for myself, for my girls, and for the whole community"

- Jenn

I have never been more grateful for a program than I am for Moon Mother, Moon  Daughter at Pretty River Red Tent. We discovered Nikki’s program at an optimal time  when my daughter was curious to learn about the human body, but beginning to feel very nervous and embarrassed to ask questions. I have to admit that I was at a loss when she approached me with questions. I too felt the unfortunate embarrassment that society has bestowed upon us. We both felt lost, however I knew that this was a critical time to provide the most educational and positive experience possible for my daughter we got all that and more from Nikki’s holistic approach to sharing experience and knowledge. Both of our fears were immediately relieved walking into the magical space that the Red-tent encompasses. My daughter made fast connections with other moms and their daughters who had shared feelings, fears, and questions. Nikki has a gift for providing accurate information in an artistic, unique, and spiritual way - I’ve literally never experienced anything like this! By the end of our session we shed tears that our experience had come to an end. We felt empowered, celebrated, and prepared. Nikki is a compassionate mentor, talented artist, and generous provider - we are forever thankful to her and her family for this possibility. This is truly a revolutionary approach to preparing our daughters.


~ Shannon F.

When I reflect on Nikki and the journey of the Pretty river Red Tent, I am filled with such gratitude for her and this beautiful space. 

I will always remind her of the gift that she has been to me, and the incredible offerings that she has compiled in so many forms. In workshop. In moon circle. In safe haven. In related merchandise to support. In reassuring words.  In play lists. In honest and real videos and posts.  In showing up as beautiful,  wise, and wonderful.




~ Anonymous Moon Mother

Theodora (9) and I loved taking Nikki's 'Moon Mother Moon Daughter' course together.  The magical and welcoming atmosphere of the Red Tent dome and Nikki's relaxed, open, and encouraging instruction/discussion were things we looked forward to each week. It was a great bonding experience and it felt like we hit a 'sweet spot' in terms of Theo's age and interest level. She bonded with the other girls, asked lots of follow-up questions once the workshops were done, and proudly displayed her Red Tent craft projects in her room. I really can't recommend this course enough for pre-teen girls.



“Thank you for the most extraordinary evening! This information is so important for ourselves, our families and the practitioners who oversee our health. Your passion and shared growth from tuning into your own cycles is inspiring and I can’t wait to join you in a few months for the next session 🥰”



"I wanted to thank you for such an amazing experience in your Red Tent.

My daughter was very hesitant at the beginning-but she quickly started looking forward to attending and sharing time with everyone, and eventually didn't want it to end!

We both really enjoyed it and have become closer and more comfortable discussing our moon cycles openly-which is a priceless gift.

We also really enjoyed meeting you & your daughter Noa-such beautiful and authentic energy between you both.


I'm also loving your Red Tent playlists on Spotify-they rock."

~ Shelley

The Cycle Conscious 5 week Programme was incredibly nourishing to my soul - Nikki is inspiring and impactful. I feel more confident and connected to myself thanks to the space she created. Everyone who has a womb, came from a womb or knows someone with a womb needs to experience the magic of the Red Tent! 

~Dani Black

Nikki creates an amazing container for learning, healing, connection and discovery in the Red Tent. The Cycle Consciousness 5 week course was incredibly eye opening, and the tools and wisdom I learned through this experience will support me for the rest of my life. I am leaving the course with a full heart, a curious mind, and a deeper awareness and understanding of the superpower that is the female cycle. 

~ Lauren Black

There is a magic at the Pretty River Red Tent, and although much of it is bathed in fluffy scarlet blankets and wrapped in a tidy white geodesic shell, the real magic lies in Nikki. Joining a Pretty River Red Tent Workshop or Programme is like visiting your best friend’s grandmother—the one with the warmest, softest hugs; the Nona who always bakes your favourite cookies, even though you aren’t family; the non-judgemental ear who quietly listens over a cup of tea, commiserating at the right moments and offering sage wisdom right when it’s needed. Everyone is welcome at the Pretty RiverRed Tent, and everyone feels at home. No matter your comfort level from the outset—let’s be honest, it’s a foreign idea for most of us!—you’ll fit in here, and may even find yourself lingering for just another moment before heading home. 


~ Kristin Schnelten 

My experience with my daughter in Nikki's Programme, Moon Mother Moon Daughter,  was a once in a lifetime event for us. To create space together and in a small community to open, to learn and remember the wisdom of our bodies, wisdom that is inherently ours. It was deeply nourishing. 


There is a gap in our culture in delivering this knowledge to our youth and I greatly respect how Nikki is serving our community with the offerings from the Rent Tent. This space is for a circle of girls and women to listen, create and share, a ritual we have done since the beginning of time.  A ritual that is not reflected in these times and is coming back to teach us and empower us. There is a hunger for deeper connection in our world and this is a beautiful remedy.


Doing this course weekly with my daughter brought us closer, helped us recognize our gratitude for each other and created joy between us. It was a gift to do art side by side together, enjoying each other, our creations and in circle with others. Nikki knows how to gracefully hold a sacred container to weave the magic of understanding our bodies, how to care for our hearts and listen to our souls while having a lot of fun.  


My 17 year old daughter attended the Teen Red Tent Programme as well, and Nikki created a safe place where the girls could open up and learn vitally important information and feel empowered.  We are so grateful for this special place. 


~ Juliette Annesley

"The full day Mother Daughter Red Tent workshop far exceeded my expectations! It was a wonderful balance of creative and bonding activities for each mother/daughter pair as well as educational and empowering knowledge sharing. I have been recommending this workshop to all of my friends with kids who are soon to start menstruating. Nikki truly is a gem and she is offering something wonderful to the community."


~ Safire

My daughter and I very much enjoyed the full day Mother Daughter Red Tent with Nikki at the pre blood one day session. It was intimate, safe and extremely informative. My daughter was hesitant to even chat about puberty and now we are chatting about our bodies, periods and all the things that go along with being a woman. I feel so much more connected with her and am so happy we got to do this class. Thank you! 


~ M.H

"We had the most wonderful experience in the "blood" programme at the pretty river red tent. Not only did Nikki provide a beautiful space to have it in, but the way she runs her classes is just so magical. She makes the learning experience for the girls fun and makes them comfortable to be able to freely discuss their feelings. Myself and my daughter both really enjoyed the crafts and discussions we had. I was able to really bond with my daughter in this course and our relationship is stronger because of it. I highly recommend choosing the Pretty River Red Tent!"



Nikki’s programming is well thought out and rich in knowledge. She delivers material in an age appropriate manner that is empowering manner and removes societal stigmas associated with puberty and periods. My daughter and I had meaningful conversations on topics that would typically give me anxiety. Nikki’s lessons offer us information and a spring board from which to a continue a conversation that is not always comfortable to start. I highly recommend this program to any parent/caregiver who has a pre-menstrator in their family. 


Daughter' s testimonial: 

I loved it so much! You provided so much age appropriate information that I hadn’t already known. It was also very intriguing to learn more about vulva. I did not know anything about it before this course. One of my favourite things was to meet all of the kind souls that attended the course. Chai and I kind of just clicked, and it was nice to know that I have friends outside of school. 


~ Celine & Grace

I’m so happy I found the red tent!  I’m a mama of two daughters and I’ve had the privilege to participate in two red tent ceremonies with my daughters.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much this has strengthened my bond, opened up conversation in our household and has helped debunk the stigmas associated with women, periods and the menstruel cycle.


I left these sessions feeling bonded with my daughters, and they left these sessions feeling confident, proud and comfortable with becoming a young woman.

I’d highly recommend this for any mother who wants to have a strong relationship with their daughter throughout this emotionally challenging time in their lives.

~ From a happy mother of two young women. Collingwood, ON

The Moon Mother, Moon Daughter (pre-blood) Program is an amazing, unique experience and I highly recommend this to all moms and daughters.  There is so much to learn about ourselves and our cycles and Nikki creates such a comfortable environment in which to do so. The Pretty River Red Tent is such a magical and powerful space to learn, connect and share. Nikki is a true teacher who is down to earth and can make any conversation an easy one. 

~ Alli K.

Thank you so much for beautifully facilitating and sharing your wisdoms at the Moon Partners workshop.  So many things clicked for me that night, and after sharing with my partner it has already made for more ease and flow in our relationship.  Very grateful for this vital work you are doing in helping folks de-program old thinking, and elevate us into deeper connection, and thus, deeper love."


~ Scott

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