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Cycle Sense
is now a self-paced, online course! 

Cycle Sense is the perfect introduction to Menstrual cycle Awareness, exploring a new narrative for cyclical living. Because of popular demand from people who could not attend Cycle Sense in person, this introduction course to Menstrual Cycle Awareness has been redesigned as a self-paced online course!

In this course we:

  • Examine the shame and stigma of menstruation and our personal stories

  • Define Menstruality, and what that means to you individually. 

  • Explore the 4 Inner Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lens.

  • Discuss how to be a witness to your cycle, and how we can track our cycle according to the energies, strengths and vulnerabilities of our personal phases. 


There are 8 videos, one meditation, and 3 digital handouts that you can print out, all accessible from an easy to use course platform.  

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You will be contacted via email when the course is launched! 

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