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In this packet you will find an outline of the energies within the cycle as well as 4 helpful templates to align your priorities and schedule with your strengths and vulnerabilities of your upcoming cycle and inner seasons. This pack is helpful to get you started on your Menstrual Cycle Awareness journey, to deepen your level of awareness if you have been tracking for a while, or to help you align your priorities, energies, productivity and self care with your cycle. A bonus Cycle Tracking template is part of the pack to use for your daily observations in Menstrual Cycle Awareness. This pack will support you in your conscious exploration of your personal experience with your cycle, your sustainable productivity, and your self care needs.

Cycle Syncing Pack Digital Download

    • A tangible outline of the superpowers of each season
    • 4templates (one for each inner season) specifically designed to support you through the strengths and vulnerabilities
    • Cycle tracking template with detailed explanation of how to get the most out of daily tracking. 
    • This is a digital download for you to print out on your own.
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