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The Tiny Red Tent is the perfect way to have a sacred space of your own to honour your bleed or restoration time. This deep red linen hanging tent is an intentional way to make space for yourself and turn your focus inward. It can be hung anywhere you desire; above your bed, in a cozy corner of your house, or outside beneath a tree. 


We live in a linear world of non-stop productivity,

achievement-based self worth, constant comparisons,

fast pace of information and insurmountable expectations.


The tinyredtent is a radical, counter-culture practice

of self care, rest and a surrender to stillness.

It represents the need to pause, stop, slow down and

make space for ourselves through conscious menstruation.


Red Tents are sacred spaces for womb-havers to gather,

share and connect to the wisdom and power of our cycles.


Tinyredtent brings this sacred space to you.

Tiny Red Tent

    • Tiny Red Tent (deep red in colour and made from a cotton linen combination).
    • wire hoop to expand tthe top
    • Hanging aparatus
    • cotton/linen, drawstring carrying bag to store Tent when not in use.
    • MEASUREMENTS: Height: approximately 87 inches tall (a little over 7 feet), plus a rope/tie that can extent it another foot/12 inches). The tent can be as short as you want it to be, because it can be draped on the floor/ground. Width: the tent can be as wide as you open it, and the diameter of the hoop that holds the linen at the top apart is 21 inches 
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