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giving back.

Millions of people around the world lack resources such as menstrual products, clean water, privacy, education and knowledge and only 12% of girls and women have access to sanitary products. An underprivileged population experiences their menstruation in an unsafe, uncomfortable manner and it has a tremendous strain on their life every month. The intersection between period poverty and period shame results in a denial of human rights. 

As a menstrual advocate, this weighs heavy on my heart, and reminds me to continue to check my privilege, intentions and integrity in this work. Pretty River Red Tent aims to raise up all women and is committed to donating a portion from the sale of each kit to My Friends House, a local women's shelter and offering workshops to women and young girls who are unable to contribute financially.

Pretty River Red Tent also offers a sliding scale option for payment (please contact me for details). Education, accessibility, inclusion, sharing, connection, support and witnessing are the focus.